Mission Statement

Frontier Development and Support is committed to helping people in some of the poorest and most neglected parts of Pakistan – the Federally Administerd Tribal Areas. As an independent, non-government organisation without any religious affiliation, FDS is devoted to forging partnerships with all sections of the community. Our objective is to promote equitable, participatory development that will help people build sustainable and productive livelihoods. By working closely with communities we can identify projects that are a priority and help local people take control of their own development.

FDS works in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan because it believes that the best way to counter extremism and violence is through economic help and development. The Board’s expertise and its personal links with people in FATA, give FDS a huge advantage in a region where trust, close working contacts and local knowledge are essential.

By helping FDS you are helping the most underprivileged groups in Pakistan. In such situations a little moneycarefully targeted and closely monitored — can go a long way.